The DLM segmentation was created by BMIT in 2008 to classify consumers based on the extent of their digital lifestyles. Consumers are scored by answering a list of questions about their personal digital activities, as well as the technologies within their household. Each consumer then receives a total DLM score, which then indicates which of the 5 DLM segments they fall into. DLM 1 consumers are considered “low-tech” consumers, while DLM 5 consumer are considered “high-tech” consumers.

Download Free DLM Presentation 

Download a free results presentation our recent Digital Consumer Survey conducted on Flashpanel. You will find the following questions in presentation, segmented by DLM:

  • Fibre Internet Awareness and Access
  • Primary Home Internet Access
  • Home Internet Speed
  • Home Internet Cap
  • Home Internet Activities
  • DStv Usage
  • DStv Package
  • Streaming Digital TV Service Awareness
  • Streaming Digital TV Service Usage
  • Digital Technology Products in the Home
  • Mobile Device Vendor
  • Contract vs Prepaid
  • Mobile Applications Used
  • Primary Bank
  • Use of Internet Banking
  • Use of Mobile Banking Applications
  • Mobile Payment Application Usage
  • Cryptocurrency Attitudes
  • Cryptocurrency Ownership

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