Metros and the major local municipalities generate a substantial amount of ICT spend and this is set to increase as Government drives infrastructure spend through these entities.

This BMIT report offers qualitative and quantitative insights into the major ICT projects, key ICT performance indicators and focus areas for all eight metros, and identification of smart city initiatives, including broadband plans, smart metering and WiFi rollout projects.

BMIT’s study provides an overview of the metros’ ICT landscape, outlining the ICT-related strategic objectives of metros, with budgeted expenditure to 2020/21, and giving an indication of the size of ICT departments and the degree to which ICT is outsourced in metros.

The report also provides an overview of ICT spend of the major secondary cities.

Included are:

  • Strategic objectives and ICT priorities of metros and local government departments
  • Drivers and inhibitors for ICT adoption and spend in metros
  • Emerging market trends in the government IT and telecommunications
  • Major big ICT deals and projects being implemented or being considered in the next 5 years
  • ICT budgets and spend in hardware, software, services and telecommunications
  • ICT (hardware, software, services and communications) expenditure for metros and local government
  • ICT spend of metros and other local government

Research methodology

  • Secondary research using a wide variety of resources, including international research, trade sources, government information and other published South Africa-specific research
  • Information from Treasury budgets, and various municipal strategic plans and annual reports
  • Auditor-General reports
  • Parliamentary presentations


  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Excel Workbook
  • One Hour Presentation / Workshop

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