The study provides an understanding of the data centre and cloud computing markets in South Africa at a multi-dimensional and strategic level.

Objectives of the report

The research covers the following categories: Colocation, Managed hosting, Web hosting, and and the cloud service categories of Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service, and Software as a service. The report includes drivers and inhibitors of the various areas. The report also takes a forward-looking view identifying significant trends shaping the market.

Research methodology

The report will be based on vendor surveys:

Interviews with leading players in the supply of hosting and cloud computing will be sought out and augmented by secondary research from various sources.

Market segmentations

The taxonomy consists of two areas as shown below:


Managed hosting
Web hosting

Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a service
Platform as a service
Business software as a service
Communication as a service

Cloud security (as an adjunct to some of the above categories)

Key questions answered

What is the local data centre capacity and utilisation?

Who are the key players in the various areas?

What is the adoption in the market of hosting and cloud computing?

What will the future market and industry structure look like?

Product attributes

The research will cover the following subjects:

  • The significant global & local trends shaping the hosting & cloud computing services markets
  • Market adoption in 2015
  • Outlook for the next five years