The IT Market Overview provides a strategic view of the IT market in South Africa as a whole. It covers the three major segments of the IT market, hardware, packaged software and services.

Objectives of the IT Market Overview

The IT market is defined broadly to include all primary sources of revenues earned by local hardware, software and services vendors. These include:

  • Computer hardware market
  • Packaged software market
  • IT services market

Research methodology

  • Local primary in-depth interviews with top vendors in the IT equipment and services market.
  • End-user analysis: data from user interviews and surveys mapped onto vendor analysis for consistency and to establish baselines for market projections.
  • Secondary source analysis: from independent studies, government, trade figures and general economic information for interpreting the local market and driving the forecasts.

Market segmentation

The IT Market Overview offers a profile of the IT market in South Africa. Segmentation for IT spending analysis and forecasts includes:

Computer hardware which is further segmented by server, desktop, notebook and workstations

Packaged software with breakdowns for systems infrastructure software, application development and deployment and applications

IT services segmented by service categories:

  • IS consulting
  • Business consulting
  • System integration
  • Custom application development
  • Cloud enablement
  • Maintain, support, upgrade
  • Training
  • Managed services
  • Aggregation
  • Full outsource
  • Hosting
  • Cloud services

Key questions answered

The IT Market Overview covers the three major segments of the IT market, hardware, packaged software and services, with a view to answering the following key questions:

  • What is the size of the SA IT market, segmented by each technology sector?
  • What are the business expectations within the SA IT market?
  • Which are the key business drivers and inhibitors within the SA IT market?


  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Excel Workbook
  • One Hour Presentation / Workshop

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