A vertical market strategy is becoming an increasingly important element for IT and telecoms service providers, as end users demand solutions tailored for their industry-specific requirements. With pressure on ICT budgets, analysis from a vertical perspective is necessary to enable vendors and service providers to craft attractive solutions and to best penetrate their desired markets. The aim of the SA ICT Vertical Industry Market Sizing and Forecasting publication is to provide such guidance.

The SA ICT Vertical Industry Market Sizing and Forecasting research analyses ICT expenditure of the South African vertical markets. The ICT expenditure is then broken down further into hardware, software, IT services and telecommunications fixed and mobile voice and data service. Additionally, IT and telecommunications spend, by service type, is further broken down into corporate and SME customer segments and forecasted from 2018 up to 2022.

Research methodology

The Vertical Sector research is based on a combination of research techniques including:

  • Extensive secondary research on vertical market revenues, size in terms of employees, GDP contribution and the major organisations in each vertical market.
  • A quantitative market model that forms the core of this research, which in turn takes into account various other sources to arrive at the market size estimates and ICT sector forecasts. In-depth analysis of South African vertical sectors is included.
  • Market sizing and forecasting is also done separately for IT and telecommunications, per vertical.
  • Analysis by senior BMI-T analysts.

Vertical market segments included in this module are as follows:

  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities (electricity, gas and water)
  • Financial, business and other services
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Government, health, education and other personal services
  • Trade (wholesale and retail)
  • Transport, storage and logistics
  • Communication and media


  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Excel Workbook
  • One Hour Presentation / Workshop

For detailed table of contents: anita@bmit.africa