Market focus

Trends in the broadband access market by customer group (business vs consumer). Competing broadband services including DSL, Fibre and various wireless offerings. Customer uptake and pricing in the current environment of increasing competition, and the effect thereof on ARPUs.

Key research components

Market sizing, segmentation and forecasts, key trends in pricing, competitive dynamics and technology and infrastructure availability. High level review of global market as context for local trends.


Extensive secondary research and selected interviews with key industry players.

Bottom up and top-down analysis.  Forecasting methods include exponential smoothing and cause and effect methodologies (scenario building).


Table of Contents


Glossary and Acronyms

International Trends

  • Overall trends
  • Covid-19’s impact
  • The US-China relationship
  • Global FTTx penetration
  • 5G’s deployment
  • LTE/5G Fixed Wireless Access
  • Wi-Fi
  • LEO/MEO satellite
  • Evolving Satellite capacity

Technological Advancements

  • Broadband technology advancements
  • Blend of competing technologies
  • FTTx deployment
  • 5G
  • 5G Mobile, 5G Fixed-Wireless and LTE vs FTTx
  • Wi-Fi
  • Very High throughput Satellites (VHTS)
  • Developing technologies: High altitude platform stations
  • Key network trends impact

Local Market Trends

  • Covid-19’s impact on South African telecoms
  • South African readiness for 5G
  • Key scenarios for 5G FWA uptake in South Africa
  • Invitation to apply (ITA) for High Demand Spectrum
  • Wireless Internet Services Provider (WISPs)
  • TV White Spaces (TVWS) spectrum

Market Sizing and Forecast

  • Broadband market sizing and forecasts overview
  • Rollout of access fibre in residential and business
  • FTTH
  • 5G
  • Fixed-mobile market and fixed wireless services
  • Copper line replacement
  • FTTB
  • Business and residential broadband connections
  • Residential and business ARPU trend
  • CAGR in residential broadband connections
  • CAGR in business broadband connections

Competitive Analysis

Broadband Value Chain

Fixed Access (FTTx and DSL)

  • Openserve
  • Vumatel
  • Frogfoot
  • Octotel
  • MetroFibre Networx

Fixed ISP (FTTx and DSL)

  • Telkom (Internet) and BCX
  • Afrihost
  • MWEB
  • Vox Telecom
  • Telkom (Internet) and BCX
  • Afrihost
  • MWEB
  • Vox Telecom
  • Webafrica

Mobile Broadband (fixed-mobile routers)

  • Vodacom
  • MTN
  • Telkom Mobile
  • rain
  • Cell C

BMIT SA Digital Consumer Survey 2020 (selected results)

  • Survey Methodology
  • Primary Home Internet Access
  • Monthly Internet Spend
  • Home Cap by Primary Internet
  • Home Internet Speed by Primary Internet
  • Home Internet Upgrade Intention
  • Reason for wanting to upgrade to fibre
  • Reason for not planning to upgrade to fibre


Deliverables and format

  • PDF Power Point format and excel workbook
  • Clients are also entitled to a one-hour online workshop.

Related research

  • BMIT GeoBroadband programme: a quarterly GIS tracker of fibre availability by geographic location across South Africa.
  • BMIT Digital Consumer Programme, 2020 consists of a large sample survey of urban internet active consumers.
  • BMIT’s WOAN and IMT Spectrum Research Programme.

Further information

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