The Digital Consumer Programme is a mobile survey of over 4800 South African citizens covering four major topics:

  • Home Internet Usage
  • Digital Media Usage
  • Mobile / Smartphone Usage
  • Digital Financial Services

Over 4800 interviews were conducted with respondents through the use of a mobile survey technique (SMS to Survey) on FlashPanel, a mobile first consumer research panel owned and operated by the Silverstone VentureWRX Group.

The sample was weighted against IAB Digital Landscape Survey (which is weighted to the Establishment Survey) against the following survey variables:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Population Group
  • Personal Income
  • DLM


Digital Lifestyle Measure (DLM)

The DLM segmentation was created by BMIT in 2008 to classify consumers based on the extent of their digital lifestyles.  Consumers are scored by answering a list of questions about their personal digital activities.  Each consumer then receives a total DLM score, which then indicates which of the 5 DLM segments they fall into.


Table of Contents

Survey Methodology


  • Overall Sample Demographics

Digital Lifestyle Measure

  • DLM Segmentation
  • DLM Scorecard
  • DLM Distribution
Home Internet

Fibre Internet Awareness

Types of Internet Access

Primary Home Internet Access

  • Primary Home Internet Access by DLM
  • Primary Home Internet Access by Age
  • Primary Home Internet Access by Household Income

Internet Service Provider

ISP Satisfaction

ISP – Net Promotor Score


Type of Internet Contract

Monthly Internet Spend

  • Monthly Internet Spend by DLM
  • Monthly Internet Spend by Household Income

Home Internet Cap

Home Cap by Primary Internet

  • Home Cap by Primary Internet by Household Income

Home Internet Speed

  • Home Internet Speed by DLM
  • Home Internet Speed by Household Income

Internet Speed Satisfaction

  • Internet Speed Satisfaction by Internet Speed
  • Awareness of Fibre Network Operators
FTTH Users
  • Fibre Network Operator (FNO)
  • Top Fibre Network Operator
  • FNO – Net Promoter Score
Non-FTTH Users
  • Home Internet Upgrade Intention
  • Reason for not planning to upgrade to fibre
  • Reason for wanting to upgrade to fibre
Internet Usage

Home Internet Activities

  • Online Shopping
  • Online Shopping by DLM
  • Online Shopping by Household Income
  • Online Shopping Payments
  • Online Shopping Payments by Household Income
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Online Behaviour
  • Online Behaviour After Covid-19

Digital Media

  • TV Services
  • TV Services by DLM
  • TV Services by Household Income
  • DStv Package
  • DStv Package by Age
  • DStv Package by Household Income
  • DStv – Future Intent
  • Past DStv Customers
  • Reasons for disconnecting DStv
  • DStv Subscription Renewal
  • Streaming Digital Pay TV Services
  • Discontinued Streaming Digital Pay TV Services
  • Reasons for Discontinuing Digital Pay TV services
  • Showmax Pro
  • Digital Technology Products in the Home
  • Digital Technology Products in the Home by DLM
  • Digital Technology Products in the Home by Household Income

Mobile Usage

  • Number of SIMS
  • Primary Mobile Service Provider
  • Mobile Service Provider by Contract Type
  • Mobile Service Provider – Net Promoter Score
  • Contract vs Prepaid
  • Contract vs Prepaid by Household Income
  • Contract Data Usage
  • Monthly Cost – Contract
  • Bundle Deal
  • Monthly Data Cost – Prepaid
  • Mobile Data Prices – Sentiment
  • Data Price Sentiment by Mobile Service Provider
  • Video Content on Mobile
  • Combined Mobile and Fibre Services
  • Combined Mobile, Fibre and Streaming TV Services
  • Combined Services Provider
  • Social / Instant Messaging Mobile Applications
  • Video Streaming Mobile Applications

Digital Financial Services

  • Primary Bank
  • Preferred Banking Method

Appendix:  Sample Weighting


Deliverables and format

The outcomes of the research and analysis are documented in a rich PowerPoint. Clients are also entitled to a presentation/workshop in Johannesburg (may be combined with other topics at BMIT’s discretion).

Further information

For further information and details on how to subscribe to this research please contact Anita Mathews on 082 466 2317 or