Report Focus

This report focused on two primary objectives:

  • The significant global trends shaping the hosting & cloud services markets, and their impact on the local market and players.
  • The status of Cloud Computing services in South Africa, major new initiatives, rate of cloud adoption, and impact on the competitive market structure.


This research was conducted through extensive secondary research and selected face-to-face interviews with leaders of various OEM, System Integrators and telecoms service provider organisations in South Africa as well as key Enterprise consumers of cloud computing.

A survey of around 200 ICT decision-makers on their usage of cloud was conducted, as well as bottom-up and top-down analysis to arrive at market estimations and forecast.

Report Content

  1. Cloud Definitions
  2. Global Cloud Market
  3. Local Cloud Industry Dynamics
  4. Local Cloud Survey Results
  5. SA Cloud Market Sizing
  6. Local Cloud Drivers and Inhibitors
  7. Cloud Regulation and Governance
  8. Multi Cloud and Cloud Brokering
  9. Cloud Trends


Table of Contents

Overview and Contents

Cloud Definitions

  • Cloud Computing definition
  • Five essential Cloud Computing characteristics
  • Cloud Computing Reference Architecture
  • Cloud Platform stack management
  • Cloud Computing service models – IaaS
  • Cloud Computing service models – PaaS
  • Cloud Computing service models – SaaS
  • Cloud Deployment Models

Global Cloud Market

  • Global Cloud Competitive Positioning
  • Cloud adoption
  • Cloud strategy
  • Benefits experienced in the cloud
  • Cloud initiatives
  • Cloud challenges
  • Skills needed and challenges face in the cloud
  • Cloud services
  • Types of applications in the cloud

Local Cloud Drivers

  • Digital transformation
  • IT Modernisation
  • Cost optimization
  • Capex vs Opex
  • Innovation
  • Speed to market

Local Cloud Inhibitors

  • Legacy mindset, risk aversion
  • Legacy solutions and workloads
  • Cloud skills
  • User education and cloud readiness
  • Data ownership
  • Cloud Instance sprawl

Cloud Trends

  • Multi cloud
  • Cloud brokering
  • Containerisation
  • Serverless
  • Autonomous Databases
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Mobile first

Local Cloud Industry Dynamics

Cloud OEM partner mapping

Local Cloud Market Survey

  • Methodology
  • Cloud adoption
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Platform-as-a-Service
  • Cloud Productivity (SaaS)
  • Cloud ERP (SaaS)
  • Cloud Services
  • Cloud Deployment Model
  • Motivation for Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Challenges
  • Cloud Use Cases
  • Cloud Service Usage
  • Public Cloud – Growth expected in 2020
  • Private Cloud – Growth expected in 2020

SA Cloud Market Sizing

  • SA Cloud Computing market sizing estimate
  • SA Infrastructure as a Service Market Sizing
  • SA Platform as a Service Market Sizing
  • SA Software as a Service Market Sizing
  • Cloud Applications – Office 365

Cloud Regulation and Governance

  • Protection of Personal Information Act
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • SARB regulations


Research team

The study is led by Clinton Jacobs (Senior IT Sector Analyst). The BMIT team has extensive sector experience in this field, having conducted multiple studies related to both IT security services in South Africa and the nature of business customers and related IT markets and industry developments.

Deliverables and format

  • PDF Power Point format
  • Clients are also entitled to a presentation/workshop in Johannesburg (may be combined with other topics at BMIT’s discretion)

Further information

For further information and details on how to subscribe to this research please contact Anita Mathews on 011 540 800 |082 466 2317 |