Client: a national systems integrator

Problem statement

To advance its business planning and strategy setting, the client (a leader in the planning, building and maintenance of fibre optic infrastructure in Africa) needed to quantify the size of the addressable market for metro and access fibre builds in the forthcoming three years. The client needed to understand the market size (in km or fibre route and rand value), data to calibrate its own forecast model and an analysis of key competitors.

The solution approach

FTTT (Fibre to the Tower) was identified as a key market area for the client. BMI-T drew on its databases and knowledge of the domestic cellular market to determine the size and penetration of this segment. Secondary research was used to supplement existing knowledge. GIS analysis was used to determine the spread of the cellular base stations and locations relative to the core fibre, fibre lengths and typical build project values. BMI-T’s tower model was used to estimate future demand.

Extensive secondary research was used to profile the competition in the market.

Outcomes achieved

Through the project, the client obtained calibrated market data on the installed base of FTTT connections and outlook for this important market segment. The client was equipped with reasoned data on the typical project values. The client was delighted with the insights and level of data received.