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  • Abbreviations used in this report
  • Research references

SA Healthcare Sector Economic Overview

  • The healthcare industry has a multi-faceted structure, comprised of 5 major sectors
  • Healthcare GDP: total contribution to GDP
  • Healthcare GDP: private versus public
  • Number of healthcare facilities in SA
  • Percentage distribution of the type of healthcare facility consulted first by households, 2004-2017
  • SA Healthcare expenditure

Healthcare Trends and Challenges

  • Trend – Global healthcare trends
  • Trend – Global alternative reimbursement models or value-based healthcare
  • Trend – Global spiralling healthcare costs
  • Challenges for the healthcare sector – performance against policies
  • Challenges for the healthcare sector – service delivery at hospitals
  • Challenges for the healthcare sector – burden of disease
  • Challenges for the healthcare sector – personnel costs
  • Challenges for the healthcare sector – cybersecurity and regulations
  • Challenge – disconnect between levels of government managing public health spend
  • Challenges for the healthcare sector – high attainment policy goals
  • Challenges in SA healthcare sector growth

Government Healthcare Initiatives

  • Focus on primary healthcare (PHC)
  • Expenditure on primary health care – PHC
  • Government initiative – Operation Phakisa
  • The Ideal Clinic programme for primary healthcare

National Health Insurance

  • NHI Overview
  • Government key priority for health – universal health coverage & the NHI
  • Funding of the NHI
  • Initiative – Health Patient Registration System (HPRS)
  • NHI Implementation costs
  • NHI Implementation costs
  • NHI information systems
  • NHI Health Technology Assessment
  • NHI – ICT programmes

SA National and Provincial Government Healthcare ICT Spend

  • SA ICT healthcare policies and their implementing agencies
  • SA eHealth Strategy
  • Trend – Health technology assessment (HTA)
  • Health Normative Standards Framework (HNSF) for Interoperability in eHealth
  • SA Connect underpins many of the healthcare policies and initiatives
  • National department of Health’s ICT spend
  • DoH 2018 ICT Performance Indicators
  • Provincial Government Health ICT spend

Global Technology Trends in Healthcare

  • Technology-enabled healthcare (TEC) or connected health
  • Technology in healthcare – challenges
  • The Digital Health Hype Cycle 2018: this shows the success/failure potential of health technology
  • Innovation in the healthcare ecosystem – co-created innovation and enabling regulation
  • Participatory medicine
  • ‘Patient power’ – technology enables a shift from ‘paternalistic’ practitioner
  • Online patient communities, patient forums and online information-sharing
  • Bio-sensing wearable devices
  • Managing healthcare big data
  • Facilitation between healthcare teams: telemedicine, electronic patient records
  • Precision medicine
  • Portable digital imaging
  • Digital sensoring
  • Wirelessly Observed Therapy (WOT)
  • Biosensor technology, enabling point-of-care testing, could limit HIV spread
  • Blockchain in healthcare
  • AI offers access and solutions for mental health difficulties
  • Convenient care: technology reducing time constraints and saving lives
  • Human augmentation technology
  • 3D-printed devices
  • Home care
  • The future of consumer digital health

Local Technology Trends in Healthcare in SA

  • Initiative: Digital tools on the Discovery app on the smartphone
  • Initiative: Discovery Health Administrators – ICT
  • Initiative: Discovery Health AI and Machine Learning
  • Initiative: Momentum Health Hello Doctor
  • Initiative: Netcare ICT
  • Initiative: Disinfection robots deployed in Netcare hospitals
  • Initiative: Mediclinic ICT
  • Initiative: Life Healthcare ICT
  • Initiative: South Africa’s first interactive mobile medicines resource
  • Initiative: TB Diagnostics – mobile x-ray identification & diagnostic trucks
  • Initiative: Mobile on-demand health care services
  • Initiative: National health Laboratory Services (NHLS) ICT
  • Initiative: NHLS ICT
  • Initiative: MomConnect and NurseConnect programmes
  • Initiative: She Conquers digital media campaign
  • Initiative: Public-private partnership launches Africa’s first ATM pharmacy
  • Initiative: Western Cape government eHealth

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