BMIT has considerable experience in WOAN-specific market analysis and costing, as well as business plan development and independent market analysis.  With our unique market understanding of the WOAN in the South African context, we are able to provide considerable value to potential bidders.  Our WOAN and High Demand Spectrum product suite provide potential bidders and consortiums with key information required to complete the bid application process and to approach potential investors.

The following four BMIT reports and market data relevant to the WOAN ITA includes:


The BMIT WOAN and HD Spectrum Opportunity Report

The WOAN Opportunity and Spectrum Report is a report which has been specifically authored for the purpose of understanding the market opportunity for the WOAN and the IMT Spectrum.


  • Background to The WOAN
  • Economics of The WOAN 
  • WOAN Scenarios
  • Spectrum Valuation
  • Lot Demand 
  • Market Opportunities Overview 
  • Products and services template 
  • Pricing strategies 
  • Coverage strategies 
  • Competitive landscape 
  • Mobile technology evolution 

Deliverables include a rich narrative PowerPoint descriptive document and workshop.


The BMIT SA Broadband Market Report

A review of the South African broadband market and industry including market sizing and 5-year forecasts. Unpacks competitive forces and substitution across access media including fibre, fixed wireless, LTE and 5G in the local residential and business broadband segments against the backdrop of global trends. 


  • International Trends 
  • Technology Advancements
  • Local Market Trends
  • Market Sizing and Forecasts 
  • Competitive Analysis 
  • Case Studies and Examples 

Deliverables include a rich narrative PowerPoint descriptive document, an Excel workbook with market segmentation and forecasts and workshop. 


The BMIT SA Digital Consumer Survey 

Survey of over 4800 South Africans who have access to the internet (including cell phone access).


Primary Internet Technology
  • Internet Speed
  • Monthly Spend
  • Internet Cap
  • Service Provider
  • Service Provider NPS
  • Home Internet Activities
Digital Media
  • DSTV Usage
  • SVOD Usage
Mobile Services
  • Primary Service Provider
  • NPS Scores
  • Data Usage
  • Monthly Spend
  • Application Usage

Deliverables include narrative PowerPoint document and workshop.


The BMIT GeoBroadband Data report

A GIS data file with spatial data and relevant information for geographic business planning. The file will consist of approximately 100 000 areas (EAs)with the following data points. 

Data Points

  • EA, SP, MP, MN Name and Code 
  • Fibre Coverage (Yes/NO) 
  • Number of Households 
  • Population 
  • Estimated Home Broadband Spend 2020 
  • Estimated Personal Broadband Spend (Mobile) 2020 
  • Estimated Home Broadband Spend 2025 
  • Estimated Personal Broadband Spend (Mobile) 2025 

Deliverables include Excel Sheet & Pivot plus GIS Shapefile 


Pricing for WOAN & High Demand spectrum Reports and Data:


WOAN and HD Spectrum Opportunity Report SA Broadband Market Report Digital Consumer Survey

GeoBroadband Data

R50 000 ex vat

R50 000 ex vat R50 000 ex vat R75 000 ex vat

Or purchase all four reports for R150 000 ex vat