The new 2019 report is now out!

The DLM segmentation was created by BMIT in 2008 to classify consumers based on the extent of their digital lifestyles. Consumers are scored by answering a list of questions about their personal digital activities, as well as the technologies within their household. Each consumer then receives a total DLM score, which then indicates which of the 5 DLM segments they fall into. DLM 1 consumers are considered “low-tech” consumers, while DLM 5 consumer are considered “high-tech” consumers.

Download Free DLM Presentation 

Download a free results presentation our recent Digital Consumer Survey conducted on Flashpanel. You will find the following questions in presentation, segmented by DLM:

  • Fibre Internet Awareness and Access
  • Primary Home Internet Access
  • Home Internet Speed
  • Home Internet Cap
  • Home Internet Activities
  • DStv Usage
  • DStv Package
  • Streaming Digital TV Service Awareness
  • Streaming Digital TV Service Usage
  • Contract vs Prepaid
  • Mobile Applications Used
  • Primary Bank
  • Use of Mobile Banking Applications
  • Mobile Payment Application Usage

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