The objective of the Lead Generation program is to bring you closer to your end users, understand them and enable your sales and marketing teams to focus on bringing relevant solutions to the end user.

BMI-T will conduct customised research designed by BMI-T in collaboration with your organisation to identify the key factors relevant to your target market. This research will consist of primary and secondary research. The factors are what you would want to explore regarding a specific issues in the industry or market. At the same time we can qualify potential customers by incorporating screening critieria. This research can be in the form of surveys, focus groups or indepth interviews depending on the specific objectives and can be customised to your specific requirements.

Following analysis of the results of the survey, an executive report is produced. Your experience in conjunction with the research  findings, complemented by BMI-T’s intellectual property all contribute towards an appropriate go-to-market strategy.

BMI-T can assist in your go-to-market strategy by hosting events, or other forums required. This can include:

  • Facilitation of the Event
  • Design and content of invitation
  • Delegate Campaign management
  • Venue Co-ordination
  • Marketing Collateral/Signage