Client: a new start-up telecoms operator

Problem statement

A new start-up telecoms operator required a full business market strategy, reviewing market opportunities, competitive pricing, revenue maximisation and network strategy. Initially the international investor required advice on whether or not to enter the country and take up the role of strategic equity partner for the new licensee. Thereafter, the newly established operator required a full range of strategic market planning and implementation assistance, and independent assurance to the lenders (banks) as part of their periodic due diligence.

The solution approach

BMI-T first engaged the customer when they were making the decision to enter South Africa as a strategic equity partner. BMI-T conducted a thorough business plan assessment, including market and competitive analysis, and specialist consultants were deployed to review the regulatory environment and conduct a return on investment (ROI) analysis.

After the client entered the SA market and commenced network and service rollout, BMI-T assisted at all steps along the way. Firstly, a number of large scale customer studies were completed in order to quantify the clients’ market and assist them to target their customers more specifically. As part of the value-added analysis BMI-T also conducted competitive product comparisons, and matched these to each target customer group, with appropriate new product ideas and recommended pricing.

The client also used BMI-T’s qualitative research expertise (primarily discussion groups and workshops) in testing both new product offerings as well as advertising campaigns and retail store designs. BMI-T assisted the client as well as the advertising house directly in order to improve the quality of their marketing communications.

Outcomes achieved 

BMI-T impacted the client’s strategic market planning by providing in-depth data and strategic advice, advising on network rollout prioritisation planning, CSO and CSI, detailed marketing communication and product planning, and go-to-market implementation assistance.

Due to levels of trust and delight with BMI-T’s work, the client now uses a full range of BMI-T services, including market segmentation, customer satisfaction, value proposition testing, lead-generation, and channel partner selection.

BMI-T has often been referred to by this client as a partner, and the client has generally approached BMI-T for all types of primary research and strategy assistance, including a recent full strategy review, assistance with off-net strategy and a channel expansion exercise.