The world is full of content, streaming at hundreds of thousands of gigabits of content across Africa and the globe. With consumer demand increasing, and the choices of users becoming more complex, how will the world of content change in the next 5-10 years?

BMIT Experience

BMIT has an extensive history of conducting research in the Digital Media and content space, conducting work on behalf of some of the largest digital content and media companies in the world, whether it is determining the appetite for paid-for digital content, or tracking the conversion from terrestrial to satellite to IPTV.

Topics of Interest

  • Streaming Video On Demand
  • Streaming Music
  • Digital Terrestrial Television Migration
  • Digital Print & Ebooks
  • Social Media
  • Education

Key Questions

  • How much content data is going to be streamed over networks in the next 5 years, and can the infrastructure support it?
  • Which content business models are going to be the most successful – advertising based models or subscription models?
  • Where is this content going to be produced, and what will the impact be on local economies in Africa?