The demands resulting from the increase in users, devices and the complexity of applications and networks has driven the computing needs of the digital world dramatically in the past two decades. This has led to the emergence of both cloud computing and the blockchain as new alternatives to localised computing resources and has opened up a host of opportunities to those who are able to master and scale those technologies.

BMIT Experience

BMIT has worked extensively with players across the computing landscape, from chip manufacturers to cloud computing providers, to help ascertain what the market may look like in South Africa and into the rest of Africa.

Topics of Interest

  • Cloud computing (IaaS)
  • Data Centres
  • Semi-conductors / microchips
  • Blockchain

Key Questions

  • What impact will cloud computing have on managed and dedicated hosting environments?
  • What impact will blockchain and other decentralised computing trends have on the cloud market into the next 5 years?
  • Are organisations in Africa mature enough to take their businesses applications into the cloud?