Some of the most significant businesses of the past 10 years have built themselves as platform businesses. Facebook, Uber, AirBnB, Google – they all have created environments where users can engage, converse and transact and have spurred on a generation of start-up businesses that have tried to emulate their successes.

BMIT Experience

BMIT has worked with the vendors and providers who have been creating the platforms of tomorrow, and helped guide them with valuable market research as to which models are most likely to be successful in the future.

Topics of Interest

  • Platform as a Service
  • Platform Economies
  • Share Economies
  • Business Models
  • Platform Ecosystems

Key Questions

  • Which platforms are likely to carry tier success into the next decade of digital?
  • What kinds of business models are showing success internationally and how will they adapt to the African environment?
  • Which platform ecosystems are thriving and what impact is this likely to have on local development markets?
  • Will the larger players be able to offer the same types of integrations into their platforms as the open platforms are doing currently?