Client: A leading provider of ERP, BI and Analytics

Problem statement

A leading Business Intelligence company identified a need to conduct research in regarding the Business Intelligence. They wanted to better understand the Business Intelligence make-up of the large companies in the Corporate Sector.

Our client was looking to grow Business Intelligence offering and identify potential customers. They wanted to survey these companies to gain a better understanding of the potential market opportunity that existed in these companies. This included:

  • Approach to risk management
  • Documented BI strategy
  • Reporting solutions used

The solution approach

The study consisted of 160 short telephonic interviews. The target market segmentation for this study was top companies including respondents from BMI-T’s top companies list.

The respondents targeted were CIO’s or Business Intelligence decision makers.

Outcomes achieved

The finding of the research study provided them with a better understanding of the market as it related to business intelligence. In addition the results along with our clients response to the findings were presented to respondents who wanted to attend and other prospects at a business breakfast event.