Market focus

The purpose of this research study is to investigate major trends that impact the South African IT Security market, including the key drivers and challenges that inhibit this market.

The research study also aims to determine an estimated size of the IT Security Services market in South Africa and forecast expenditure over the next five years.

Key questions answered.

What is the size of the SA IT Security Services market, segmented by each technology sector?

What are the business expectations within the SA IT Security market?

Which are the key business drivers and inhibitors within the SA IT Security market?


The research methods used by BMI-TechKnowledge for this report represent market data acquired and defined based on several proprietary and public sources, both primary and secondary, followed by further analysis and forecasting.

Primary research

The report is a compilation of quantitative and qualitative analysis, based on online interviews with leaders of various IT companies in South Africa, and secondary research sources.

To inform the market sizing model, initial estimates of market size and splits based on secondary sources were provided by BMI-TechKnowledge during the interviews, and thereby confirmed or revised.

Market modelling

A baseline estimate of total 2020 IT services revenues was done by means of ‘ROM’ modelling, using the BMI-TechKnowledge IT Services market model as base, and applying an estimated percentage attributable to IT Security Services in each IT services category, based on the interviews conducted with industry players.


Table of Contents

Overview of Market

  • Global ICT security market overview
  • The impact of Covid-19
  • The cost of cybercrime
  • The cost of cybercrime by industry, 2015 compared to 2020
  • ICT security budgets, 2021
  • ICT security skills shortage
  • Top cyber attack types of 2020
  • Cyber attacks by region
  • Cyber attacks by industry
  • Top type of cyber attacks by industry 2020
  • Legislation worldwide
  • Most influential cybersecurity laws passed in recent years
  • Comparison Table: Worldwide Data Privacy Regulations

International Trends

  • Ransomware
  • Supply chains and critical infrastructure
  • Remote work
  • Insider threats
  • Automation
  • Cloud-based security threats
  • Nation-state cyber attacks

Technology Advancements

  • Artificial intelligence
  • State of security automation
  • Emerging security operations technologies and services
  • The rise of confidential computing

Overview of Local Market

  • Local market drivers for IT Security
  • Remote working and work from home
  • Digital transformation and increased cyber attacks in South Africa
  • Cloud Security
  • The cost of cybercrime in South Africa
  • South African Data Protection legislation
  • Zero trust framework adoption and IT security audits

Key Local Challenges

  • Local IT Security key challenges
  • South African IT security risk and IT security skills challenges
  • The IT security land grab and translation of cybersecurity to executives

Key Local Trends

  • Local IT Security trends
  • Cybersecurity Meshing: a new approach to Security Architecture
  • IT Security Automation, AI and ML
  • Attack Path Modelling, Breach and Attack Simulation
  • Data protection in Multi-Cloud environments
  • Increasing IoT and security threats on the edge
  • Increased usage of Managed IT Security Services
  • IT Security Market Maturity

Local Market Size Estimates and Forecasts

  • Global IT Security Market Sizing
  • ROM Market sizing estimate and forecast
  • IT security technology forecast
  • IT Security Vertical market split estimates
  • IT Market Company Size split

Competitor Profiles

  • Performanta
  • EOH
  • BUI
  • Dimension Data
  • BCX
  • Altron

Case Studies

International Case Studies
  • SolarWinds
  • The Colonial Pipeline Company
  • JBS
  • Marriott
  • Facebook
Local Case Studies
  • Experian
  • Absa
  • MTN
  • Nedbank
  • Life Healthcare Group


Deliverables and format

  • Rich narrative PowerPoint descriptive document
  • Online presentation (in PowerPoint format)

Further information

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