This report is aimed at consortium bidders applying for the WOAN ITA, or ultimate bid winners who wish to revisit their launch strategy.  In particular, it focuses on the product, market and demand aspects of the business plan.

Key research components

Market information to assist with development of the WOAN ITA application.


The descriptive elements of this report are based on WOAN-related information gathered by BMIT over the course of multiple engagements over the years with the mobile industry – including government, policy makers, regulators and regulatory experts, telecom operators and vendors. The quantitative elements are based on over 20 years of modelling the broadband industry, and specific models develop for the mobile broadband industry, retail and wholesale.


Table of Contents

  • WOAN Opportunity Report Overview
  • Correlation of BMIT Reports to WOAN Application
  • Glossary and acronyms
  • Table explaining the taxonomy of connectivity technologies of relevance to the WOAN

Background to the WOAN

  • Policy and processes leading up to the WOAN ITA
  • The Composite ITA for the WOAN and Subsequent Publications
  • Follow-up WOAN Information Published by ICASA
  • The ITA for High Demand (IMT) Spectrum
  • Legal Objections lodged regarding the ITA’s

WOAN Scenarios

  • Conditions for a strong (successful) WOAN (summary table)
  • Regulatory Conditions for a strong (successful) WOAN
  • Deployment Conditions for a strong (successful) WOAN
  • Commercial Conditions for a strong (successful) WOAN
  • Strong versus Weak WOAN: A Weak WOAN Scenario
  • Strong versus Weak WOAN: A strong WOAN Scenario

WOAN Spectrum Analysis

  • Spectrum Analysis Overview
  • Spectrum intended for the WOAN (with commentary)
  • Current Spectrum of Operators (ICASA View)
  • BMIT view on current spectrum holdings of operators.
  • Spectrum being assigned in the HDS IMT Auction Process
  • WOAN spectrum originally recommended by the CSIR.

Market Opportunities Overview

  • Wider Context – the spectrum of WOAN-related opportunities
  • The Wider opportunity context in greater detail
  • Economics of the WOAN (Value chain)
  • WOAN Opportunity Scenario Model
  • Scenario assumptions – WOAN phasing & industry cell count.
  • Scenario assumptions – WOAN cell rollout
  • Scenario assumptions – Industry per-cell throughput
  • Scenario assumptions – WOAN offtake
  • Scenario assumptions – WOAN vs market pricing
  • Scenario outcomes – WOAN revenue projections

(Projections tables included in the excel workbook)

Market Segmentation

  • WOAN target segments
  • Additional or indirect target segments

Product and Services Template

  • Service Offering Overview
  • Wholesale Product for MNOs – MOCN Sharing
  • MOCN Sharing Charges
  • Wholesale Product for MVNOs – an MVNO Platform1
  • MVNO Service Charges
  • Wholesale Product for MVNOs (future) – Reseller Services
  • Ancillary products and services

Coverage Strategies

  • Relative strengths of coverage Geo-types
  • Phasing Approach
  • Other Coverage Considerations
  • The relative positioning of Mobile and Fixed-Wireless, with Fall-Back
  • High site access and mast companies
  • Site backhaul technologies
  • Site connectivity topologies

Competitive/Opportunity Landscape

  • Overview
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Vodacom
  • MTN
  • Cell C
  • Telkom Mobile
  • rain
  • Liquid Telecom

Mobile Technology Evolution

  • LTE / 5G Strategy Considerations
  • Key network trends impact LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi networks
  • TIP: Telecom Infra Project
  • Open Source versus Proprietary Vendors
  • South African readiness for 5G
  • How 3GPP releases related to 3G, 4G and 5G
  • Looking ahead at 3GPP Release 16 and previewing Rel. 17

LTE in the absence of a 5G upgrade


Deliverables and format

  • PDF Power Point format and excel workbook
  • Clients are also entitled to a one-hour online workshop.

Other deliverables

  • Data workbook (Excel)

Related research

  • GeoBroadband Data.  A GIS data file with spatial data and relevant information for geographic business planning.
  • Digital Consumer Survey. A survey of over 4800 South Africans who have access to the internet (including cell phone access).
  • SA Broadband Market Report. A review of the South African broadband market and industry including market sizing and 5-year forecasts. Unpacks competitive forces and substitution across access media including fibre, fixed wireless, LTE and 5G in the local residential and business broadband segments against the backdrop of global trends.
  • Other relevant private and government ICT reports, as listed at https://www.bmit.africa/#publications

Further information

For further information and details on how to subscribe to our research services, please contact Anita Mathews on 011 540 8000 | 082 466 2317 | anita@bmit.africa