BMIT SA Voice Services and UC&C Report 2023

SA Voice Services and UC&C Report 2023

This report provides an in-depth review of the fixed and mobile voice services and UC&C markets in South Africa,  against the backdrop of global trends. It contains market sizing and forecasts, market drivers and profiles of key players in the market. Additionally, it examines the present state of UC&C adoption in South Africa, including B2B user survey findings.

Table of Contents

Introduction & Definitions

  • Report objectives and methodology
  • Taxonomy and abbreviations

SA Voice and UC&C Market Overview

  • Market Overview
  • SA Voice and UC&C Revenue Overview
  • Market trends, drivers and impact of macro-economic factors
  • Substitution between traditional fixed voice call control and Cloud-based call control
  • Fixed & Mobile Traffic Overview
  • Mobile Market Maturity – analysis of indicators from operator reporting
  • Fixed & Mobile Voice Revenue Overview

Market Drivers and Inhibitors

  • Market drivers & inhibitors
  • Drivers and inhibitors – Tariffed voice calling
  • Impact of Loadshedding
  • Drivers and inhibitors – Cloud platforms
  • Cloud-based call control vs Teams UC

Fixed and Mobile Voice Market Analysis & Segmentation

  • Fixed & Mobile Voice Market Analysis
  • Mobile Voice Revenue by Customer Segment
  • Fixed Voice Segmentation by Customer Segment – Total market and Alternative VoIP Players subset
  • B2B Fixed Voice Segmentation by Customer Segment
  • Segmentation by Customer Segment (Rm) – PSTN vs VoIP Players

Competitive Landscape

  • Overview of industry players – Large Operators
  • Overview of industry players – Other (selected) key VoIP challengers
  • Fixed Line Traffic, Revenue and Blended Yields – PSTN vs Alternative VoIP Players
  • Alternative VoIP Players – Indicative Market Shares
  • VoIP vs Cloud Voice Platform Revenue Shares – Leading VoIP OLO Players and Other Cloud-hosted Voice Platform players
  • ECN
  • Vox Telecom
  • Saicom
  • Switch Telecom
  • Telviva – Omnichannel UC&C and multi-platform integration
  • BitCo
  • Centracom
  • Huge TNS

UC&C and Cloud Voice Platforms

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration Taxonomy
  • International Review
  • Microsoft UC&C Architecture
  • Microsoft UC&C profile
  • Cisco UC&C Architecture
  • Cisco UC&C profile
  • South Africa UC&C Market Overview
  • SA UC&C Active Licences / Subscriptions
  • SA Cloud-hosted PBX by Customer Segment (Rm)
  • SA UC&C Market Revenue
  • Local Market Trends
  • Cloud-based Call Control vs Teams UC in South Africa
  • Substitution between traditional fixed voice call control and Cloud-based call control
  • Key Players in Cloud-hosted PBX in South Africa
  • UC&C Adoption Megatrends – Overview
  • Hybrid work model and demand for cloud-based services
  • Deeper integrations for more seamless workflows
  • Asynchronous interactions
  • Video importance and asynchronous functionality
  • Employee Experience (EX)
  • Focus on Security
  • Technological Advancements – Overview
  • Cross workspace/organisation collaboration
  • APIs and Integrations to build more comprehensive collaboration workspaces
  • UC Integration into Voice Systems / SIP
  • AI in UC&C
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Lightweight audio in Unified Communications

B2B Customer Survey Findings

  • Survey methodology
  • Productivity solutions
  • Collaboration tools
  • Video conferencing tools
  • One-to-one voice communication

Further information 

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