This report forms part of BMIT’s suite of reports on ICT expenditure in government. Overall sizing of all tiers of local government ICT spend is assessed. Segmentation of the data is provided according to the BMIT ICT definitions of communications and IT hardware, software and services. A separate report in BMIT’s suite of government ICT expenditure reports, details the ICT spend at national and provincial government tiers, and a third report looks at state-owned enterprises.

Research Methodology

This report is the outcome of secondary research techniques and sources, as follows:

  • The February 2022 Budget for municipal government – both published Votes and unpublished audited and unaudited ICT expenditure data provided by National Treasury.
  • Secondary research utilising a wide variety of resources, including Statistics SA, and ICT industry news sources.
  • BMIT’s internal research database and experience.
  • BMIT appreciates the cooperation from National Treasury in releasing unpublished, detailed data on audited ICT spend for the past five years up to and including the financial year 2021/22, as well as forecasted estimates for the MTEF period, which enables BMIT to present as accurately as possible a picture of both the size of government ICT expenditure and the specific ICT categories of spend.
  • National Treasury has drawn BMIT’s attention to the fact that many municipal accounting staff are still struggling with the requirements of MSCOA, the accounting standards for municipalities, adherence to which has recently been made compulsory. These technical problems may lead to misallocations. For example, there were 10 local municipalities which recorded zero ICT expenditure in 2021/22.
  • BMIT has made every effort to identify problems but would advise clients to accept the municipal data as indicative rather than precise.

Table of Content

BMIT ICT category segmentation
Research methodology

Economic Overview
  • GDP and economic prospects for South Africa
  • Government’s role in the economy
Local Government ICT Spend
  • Total local government ICT spend, of metros, district and local municipalities.
  • Total local government ICT spend, of metros and local municipalities, by category.
  • Summary of municipal ICT spend, 2021/22 – 2024/25
  • Local government ICT spend for 256 municipalities, comprising 8 metros, 19 secondary cities, 44 district municipalities, and 185 local municipalities.
Metros ICT Spend
  • ICT spend by the eight metros for 2021/22
  • Metros ICT sub-sector budgeted spend.
  • ICT spend by the eight Metros.
District Municipalities
  • District municipalities spend.
  • District municipalities spend (continue)
Major Secondary Cities
  • Major secondary Cities spend.
  • ICT spend by category.
  • Secondary cities’ ICT spend.
Local Municipalities
  • Local Municipalities spend.
  • ICT spend, by category.

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Research team

The team for this research Penny Smith, Brian Neilson, and Christopher Geerdts. This team has extensive sector experience in this field, having conducted these studies annually for more than a decade.

Further information

For further information and details on how to subscribe to this research please contact Anita Mathews |011 540 8000 | 082 466 2317 | anita@bmit.africa