Market focus

The purpose of this research study is to investigate major trends that impact the South African ICT market, including the key drivers and challenges that inhibit this market.
The research study also aims to determine the size of the ICT market in South Africa, as well as the future outlook and market forecast expenditure over the next five years.

Key research components

Market sizing, segmentation and forecasts, key trends in pricing, competitive dynamics and technology and infrastructure availability. High level review of global market as context for local trends.


The report is a compilation of quantitative and qualitative information from a number of sources and includes face-to-face interviews with leaders of various ICT organisations as well as online Industry and Market surveys in South Africa.


Table of Contents


Glossary and acronyms

Economic State of Play

  • Economic growth estimates for 2022
  • GDP volatility over the past two years
  • Varying market growth in the ICT sector
  • Capital investment prospects

International ICT Market Trends

  • Global ICT spend
  • How Covid-19 impacted businesses
  • Factors that could impact 2022 ICT growth

General ICT Market Trends

  • ICT Industry Trends

South African IT Market

  • Key IT Market Drivers
  • Overall IT Market Sizing
  • Hardware Market Dynamics
  • Hardware Market Sizing and Forecast
  • Software Market Dynamics
  • Software Market Sizing and Forecast
  • IT Services Market Dynamics
  • Services Market Sizing and Forecast

South African Telecoms Market

  • Overall Telecoms Market Trends
  • Overall Telecoms Market Sizing
  • Fixed Voice Telecoms Market Dynamics
  • Fixed Voice Telecoms Market Sizing and Forecast
  • Fixed Data Telecoms Market Dynamics
  • Fixed Data Telecoms Market Sizing and Forecast
  • Mobile Telecoms Market Dynamics
  • Mobile Telecoms Market Sizing and Forecast

August 2021 Market Survey

  • Local IT Market Study Methodology
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market respondent classification

IT Market Survey Results

  • Market revenues in 2021 compared to 2019
  • Key business drivers of technology adoption
  • Key challenges with technology adoption
  • Survey sub-section on cloud computing
  • Cloud adoption
  • Cloud Services Providers
  • Cloud Deployment Model
  • Motivation for Cloud Computing
  • Motivation for Multi-Cloud
  • Cloud Challenges
  • Cloud Use Cases
  • Public Cloud growth in 2021

Research team

This study is led by Clinton Jacobs, Senior IT Sector Analyst, and Brian Neilson, Research Director and Telecoms Consultant. The BMI-T team has extensive sector experience in this field, having conducted multiple studies related to both the IT landscape in South Africa and the nature of business customers and related IT markets and industry developments.

Deliverables and format

  • Rich narrative PowerPoint descriptive document
  • A workbook (in Excel format)
  • Online presentation (in PowerPoint format)

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Further information

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