Wholesale Telecoms Report

SA Wholesale Telecoms Report 2023

This report provides an incisive analysis of key Wholesale Telecoms service categories, leading off the major international trends influencing the future of these markets. It explores the evolving wholesale services landscape and the competitive and regulatory environments in South Africa. The report provides market sizing for South Africa, with competitor market share estimates, in 12 service categories, with revenue forecasts from 2021 to 2026. Competitor profiles are provided for the 13 largest market players.

Table of Contents

Overview of Market

  • Summary of Key Market Trends

International Trends

  • International Trends Overview
  • Digital Divide
  • Grant Funding
  • Open Access Networks
  • FTTH Penetration
  • South Africa vs Global Rankings
  • Mobile Operators
  • Network Sharing
  • Tower Companies
  • 5G Deployment
  • Network-as-a-Service (NaaS)
  • Internet Exchange Points
  • Edge Computing
  • Early investment patterns in Edge Computing

Government, Policy and the Regulatory Environment

  • Government, Policy and the Regulatory Environment Overview
  • The Competition Commission
  • Rapid Deployment and Sharing of Infrastructure Facilities
  • High demand spectrum for mobile operators
  • SOC rationalisation programme

Local Trends

  • Local Trends Overview
  • Broadband connectivity
  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Coverage
  • Digital Divide
  • Submarine Capacity
  • National Fibre Connectivity Service Dynamics
  • NAPAfrica
  • INX-ZA
  • Open Access Fibre Operators
  • Residential Broadband Market
  • Local Operators
  • Mobile operators
  • MVNO Market

Market Sizing and Forecasts

  • Wholesale Telecoms Services Market Model – Taxonomy
  • Wholesale Telecoms Services Market Model – Methodology
  • Wholesale Telecoms Services Market Overview
  • Competitor Revenue Overview
  • Fixed Access Connectivity
    Fixed Access Competitor Revenue
  • Mobile Facilities
    Mobile Facilities Competitor Revenue
  • Mobile Backhaul, Metro, National and International Transmission
    Transmission Competitor Revenue 
  • Telco Colocation, Cross-connection & Hubbing
  • Telco Colo, Cross-connection & Hubbing Competitor Revenue

Competitor Profiles


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Deliverables and format

  • PDF PowerPoint format and excel workbook
  • Clients are also entitled to a virtual presentation/workshop (may be combined with other topics at BMI-T’s discretion).

Further information

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