Digital Lifestyle Study

This is BMIT’s annual digital lifestyle research, which has been conducted in an evolving format since 2008, covering the following major topics: home internet, digital media, & mobile usage.  It explores internet and mobile spend, home internet access, download speed, technology products, streaming TV services, mobile data price sentiment and more.

This year, a total of 1 342 people participated in the survey. The digital lifestyle survey was conducted online. MyBroadband promoted the survey on social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on the MyBroadband forum. All participants in this service have internet access.

Respondents who said they worked in an IT function in their business were excluded from the survey to eliminate the bias towards people who work in technology.

The sample was weighted against IAB Digital Landscape Survey (which is weighted to the Establishment Survey) against the following survey variables: age, gender,  & household income

Table of Contents

Introduction and Survey Methodology

  • Overall Weighted Sample Demographics
Home Internet
  • Fibre Internet Awareness
  • Awareness of Fibre Network Operators
  • Primary Home Internet Access
  • Primary Home Internet Access, by household income
  • Internet Service Provider
  • ISP – Net Promoter Scores
  • Monthly Internet Spend
  • Monthly Internet Spend, by household income
  • Home Internet Cap
  • Home Internet Speed, by household income
  • Home Internet Speed, by primary internet
  • Fibre Network Operator (FNO), FTTH users
  • FNO – Net Promoter Scores (NPS), FTTH users
  • Fibre Internet Awareness and Access, non-FTTH users
  • Home Internet Upgrade Intention, non-FTTH users
Internet Usage
  • Home Internet Activities
  • Online Shopping Frequency
  • Online Shopping Frequency, by household income
  • Online food ordering
Digital Media
  • TV Services
  • DStv Package
  • Daily Time Spent Streaming Video Services
  • Streaming Digital Pay TV Services
  • Streaming Digital Pay TV Services – types of users
  • Digital Pay Streaming Devices
  • Load shedding solutions
Mobile Usage
  • Number of Mobile Service Providers
  • Mobile Service Provider – Net Promoter Score
  • Monthly Mobile Service Spend
  • Contract vs Prepaid
  • Monthly Mobile Data
  • Mobile Data Prices – Sentiment
  • Mobile Data Prices – Sentiment by MNO
  • Social / Instant Messaging Mobile Applications

Deliverables and format

The outcomes of the research and analysis are documented in a rich PowerPoint. Clients are also entitled to a virtual online presentation/workshop in Johannesburg (may be combined with other topics at BMIT’s discretion).

Further information

For further information and details on how to subscribe to this research please contact Anita Mathews at 082 466 2317 or

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