SD-WAN Market Report

South Africa SD-WAN Market 2023

Market Focus

The purpose of this study is to research in detail the rapidly advancing trend towards SD-WAN architecture, and its impact on the South African VPN market as a whole. The report includes market sizing and five-year forecast.

Key questions answered:

  • How is SD-WAN defined, including both broad and narrow definitions.
  • What are the key local trends, within the context of major global trends.
  • What is the of the SD-WAN market, segmented by solution type and sub-component?
  • How are the leading competitors in the market positioned and what is their share of the overall market?


The research methods used by BMIT for this report include both primary and secondary research, with further analysis and forecasting.

Primary research

The report includes quantitative and qualitative analysis based on in-depth analyst interviews with leading Managed Services players in the VPN market in South Africa, with a particular focus on those most active in the SD-WAN space.

Market modelling

Two primary methods are used for the market sizing model following, viz.:

  1. Bottom-up model
  • This aspect of the model considers the universe of customer organisations and sites, and the penetration of these sites by SD-WAN solutions.
  • A ‘follow the customer’ trend is noted in this regard, in that South African service providers follow their multi-site customers into the other African countries in which they have a presence, particularly in the retail vertical.
  1. Top-down model
  • This side of the model looks at market share and total market estimates, employing a ratio analysis, which in turn is primarily informed by interviews with SD-WAN providers that were conducted as part of this study. This analysis is combined with the bottom-up (addressable market and SD-WAN penetration) model.

Table of Contents


Market Overview

      • Market Trends Overview
      • Market Size Overview

International Trends

      • International Trends Overview
      • Enterprises
      • Key enterprise application connectivity performance
      • Demands on security solutions.
      • Roles of market players

Technology Trends

      • Technology Trends Overview
      • Key customer requirements
      • Key drivers of SD-WAN uptake
      • The shift to SD-WAN
      • Growing trends related to security.
      • SD-WAN features and definitions
      • A growing number of options
      • SD-WAN comparison with alternatives in terms of features

Local Market Trends and Roundup of Industry Players

      • Local Trends Overview
      • Overview of Local Industry Players
      • Overview of Local Industry Players (cont.)
      • Overview of Local Industry Players (cont.)
      • Overview of Local Industry Players (cont.)
      • Opportunity (or threat) matrix by verticals

International Market Drivers and Forecasts

      • Global Market Drivers in 2023: Analyst Views

SA Market Sizing and Forecast

      • SD-WAN & Network Security Market Model – Methodology
      • SD-WAN Market Model – Taxonomy
      • Market Overview: MPLS vs SD-WAN VPN Market
      • SD-WAN Market Shares by OEM
      • SD-WAN Market Shares by Managed Service Provider
      • Forecast Assumptions
      • South Africa MPLS vs SD-WAN Site Count Forecast
      • South Africa MPLS vs SD-WAN Revenue Forecast
      • South Africa SD-WAN Revenue Forecast
      • South Africa SD-WAN Market Segmented ARPUs

Competitors Profiles – Local Players

      • BCX
      • Vodacom Business
      • Dimension Data – Network and Cyber Security
      • NTT / Dimension Data: SD-WAN Overview
      • Gijima
      • Liquid Intelligent Technologies SA (LIT)
      • Vox Telecom
      • Datacentrix (incl. eNetworks)
      • Metacom
      • Fixed Mobile Telecoms

Deliverables and format

      • Rich narrative PowerPoint report
      • Excel workbook
      • Online presentation

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